Windows 10 is the most popular operating system for desktops and laptops. In this article, we will explain the different ways to activate Windows 10 Professional.

The same steps apply to different versions of Windows 10. You will not find much difference.

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  • Download Methods
  • Activation Online
  • Phone Activation

►Microsoft Windows 10 Download Methods

1. To download Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file, use the tool available under this page:

2. After clicking the button above, you will be redirected to a product download page.

You can download Windows 10 installer there by clicking the download button marked on the picture below


►Windows 10 Activation Online

⇒ select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Update product key > Change product key.


►Windows 10 Phone Activation

1. Press the Win+R keys to open Run, then type: SLUI 4, then click on OK.
(Note that there is a space between SLUI and 4.)

2. Select your country or region, then click Next.

3. Call the provided phone number to reach the Microsoft Product Activation Center. You will first be walked through an automated menu where you must answer a few questions about what product you are trying to activate (Windows 10), whether you have previously activated it (No), and whether you have a product key (Yes).

4. The automated system will now describe the Internet Activation process to you. You already know this information, but wait for it to complete.
In the end, the system will ask you if you still need assistance.
Tell it “Yes”, and then it will take you to a human operator.

5. The human operator will ask for confirmation of what product you are trying to activate (Windows 10), and then they will ask you if you have an Installation ID (Yes – it’s on the same screen as the phone number you called).

6. The human operator will then ask you to read that number. I’ve found you can read it to them relatively quickly, and they keep up just fine; if you speak clearly, you usually only have to read it once.

7.The human operator will then turn you back over to the automated telephone system, which will read your Confirmation ID to you after a few brief instructions.

Once the human operator hands the call back to the automated system, click “Enter Confirmation ID” and type in the numbers when they are read to you.

8. Once you’ve entered the confirmation ID, you can click Activate Windows, and if your product key is valid and the numbers are typed correctly congratulations, you’re done.

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